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COSEINC is a Singapore based and privately funded company dedicated to providing highly specialized information security services to our clients. Founded in 2004, we are a young and dynamic company made up of computer security experts, from diverse backgrounds and geographies, with distinguished credentials and experience.

It is our aim to provide our clients with the most professional and competent expertise and services at the most reasonable rates so that they can achieve the highest returns on their information technology investment.

Security News

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Companies in the video game industry and possibly other sectors have been targeted in attacks involving improved variants of ...

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COSEINC News & Events

2016-10-21 - We are going to have Pwn0rama in Shanghai (24-25, Nov). USD500,000 for iOS remote jailbreak and USD700,000 for Android Chrome RCE+SBX(persistent). Register now at

2016-10-20 - Registration for SyScan360 in Shanghai is open. There will be only 200 tickets for sale. Registration will close Nov 6. Go grab your ticket.

2016-02-24 - Safari exploit with sandbox escape into kernel context that works on 5c and 6s, is reliable(1), runs fast(2) and generic(3): Total: $345,000