COSEINC is a Singapore based and privately funded company dedicated to providing highly specialized information security services to our clients. Founded in 2004, we are a young and dynamic company whose constitution are computer security experts, from diverse backgrounds and geographies, with distinguished credentials and experience.

It is our aim to provide our clients with the most professional and competent expertise and services at the most reasonable rates so that they can achieve the highest returns on their information technology investment.

How are we organized?

Organizationally, COSEINC is structured into 2 teams.

They are:

Advanced Malware Lab (AML)

The focus of the AML is cutting-edge research into malicious software technology like rookits, various techniques of bypassing security mechanisms inherent in software systems and applications and virtualization security.

Members of the AML are highly qualified and skilled security researchers, especially in the area of kernel and virtualization research. The AML team is highly regarded in the international security community ever since we published our research findings on virtual machine rootkit. We aptly named this rootkit "Blue Pill".

Vulnerability Research Lab (VRL)

As for the VRL, this team is focused on discovering inherent vulnerabilities in software either due to bad development or weak implementation. The VRL team is further divided into the Windows sub-team and the Linux sub-team. Both sub-teams have published several findings.

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