Here are the latest vulnerabilities unearthed by our researchers.


CSA-W01 - Microsoft Agent Heap Overflow Exploit

CSA-W02 - SChannel Off-By-One Heap Corruption

CSA-W03 - Long Pathname Heap Overflows in DAV Mini-Redirector


CSA-L01 - Linux Kernel Parent Process Death Signal Vulnerability

CSA-L02 - IA32 System Call Emulation Vulnerability

CSA-L03 - Vmsplice() system call vulnerability- revision 1


Osisoft vulnerability

Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley) Multiple Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Contribution

Besides conducting our own vulnerability research, we welcome contributions of unpublished security vulnerabilities relating to Windows, Linux and Solaris. If you have unpublished security vulnerability, please do notify us via info(at) coseinc(dot)com. If your contribution is accepted, we will reward you with a financial incentive. Contact us now to find out more.

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