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From Xratclient to HK with Love

Phenom - Bypassing Antivirus

Security Software Evaluation

Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003 will enter its end-of-support on 8 April 2014. This implies that no further security patches for these 2 products will be released after this date and this puts millions of computers that are still running Windows XP at security risk.

COSEINC has performed an evaluation on the effectiveness of Windows XP security protection by some of the leading security vendors in the market.

TDL4 and Glubteba

TDL4 v2

COSEINC Automatic Malware Analysis

UFO: Operating System Fingerprinting for Virtual Machines

Detecting malicious documentation

Base Jumping - Attacking the GSM baseband and base station

Industrial Bug Mining - Extracting, Grading and Enriching the Ore of Exploits

Taint Analysis

Design Inaccuracy Cross Link Authoring Flaw - iPaper Platform

The Dark Side of the Smart Grid - Smart Meters (in)Security

Finding Microsoft Vulnerabilities by Fuzzing Binary Files with Ruby - A New Fuzzing Framework

Creating Hpervisor-based Hacking Tool: The COSEINC Hypervisor Framework

Subverting Windows CE Kernel for Fun and Profit

Detecting Virtualised Hardware Rootkits

Vista User Interface Privilege Isolation (UIPI)

Stealth Malware - can the Good Guys win?

Introducing Blue Pill

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